Hi All,

I built a DApp which enables couples to get married on the blockchain. My wife and I will be getting “crypto-married” tomorrow and streaming it live on twitch. My wife did some interesting work with designing the wedding ceremony around the concept as well. If you are free around that time feel free to drop by the live stream and/or checkout the DApp as updates are made live.

New wedding creation is paused at the moment as my wife wanted our wedding to be the first 🙂

Shortly after our wedding, we will unpause weddings and anyone can use it.

There are no fees of any sort to use it. It’s just a project that my wife and I felt like building.

The contracts and the frontend (site) are all completely open source for anyone to check out:

contracts: https://github.com/TovarishFin/crypto-weddings-contracts

frontend (site): https://github.com/TovarishFin/crypto-weddings-dapp-vue

The stream can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/TovarishFin

The actual site can be found here: https://cryptoweddings.io/

Our Wedding (will be concluded during the ceremony) can be found here: https://cryptoweddings.io/wedding/0x7aE4761e63E5FC245112eFF0BDa95A0E8e1c3fbc

Lastly, if you want to see my attempt at a synthwave theme (ran out of time… will try to finish later), you can find that here:


TLDR: Getting Married on the blockchain, come check it out live, it might be interesting 🙂

Hope to see you on twitch!

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