Dash Connects Venezuela January - July 2019 Report

July 12, 2019

Dash Community.

This report aims to show this year deliverables of Dash Connects Venezuela.

January – February 2019 (1000 downloaded wallets)

During the first two months, we changed our strategy and re-structure our processes in order to fulfill the network needs which were very different from when we started operations. We focused in Quality Control and Database update so we can have the bases for our next strategy. In January and February, we updated and confirmed more than 500 Venezuelan merchants which included: New downloaded wallets to owners and staff (2 per merchant = 1000 wallets approx.) and POS, sticker and Discover Dash listing updating.


March 2019 (430 confirmed merchants)

In this month, we confirmed 430 accepting dash merchants focusing in wallet and pos maintenance because 60 % of our allies had changed their phone and needed a new wallet and prepared in site visits and lectures so we can continue with our privileged network maintenance and set up a new proposal for the treasury.


April 2019 (400 follow ups)

During this period, we focused in ground and in site visits to merchants along with the Quality process where we did a follow up of 400 merchants. This was a setting up month for our new proposal.


May 2019 (6 discount promotions)

Despite of not being funded, we allocated our efforts in discount promotions, strategic affiliations and key alliances (Church’s Chicken and Criptomundo) that was going to give us the know – how and the operational tools so we can assure the Dash Point’s success. We did 6 promotions (Chip a Cookie 10%off, Yayus free beverage, Café Mi Cosa 10% off, Cajun Grill 20%off, La Romanina free beer and Burger Center 10% off) and 2 key affiliations (Cajun Grill & All You Can Pizza) and we continued downloading new wallets to merchants who needed (50 wallets) and keeping up with the Quality Process


June 2019 (Community Summary)

In June, we were not able to continue with constant operations because we were out of savings to work with, so we did a summary to the community of our key deliverables and strategy and even though we were able to gain enough “yes vote” to get us funded, the budget was very tight and did not received funds.


July 2019 (Dash Point Pilot Test)

We re-structure again, and we raised a crowdfunding where we get a total of 2.6 Dash, not enough to keep our whole activities going on, but enough to perform a Dash Point Pilot Test in Club Tachira, so far. We are eagerly waiting to receive funds for the first time this year at the end of July voting cycle and accelerate our work for Dash.

We are proud to show this results, because it is easy to deliver when you are funded, but to deliver without funds proof that we are committed with Dash and we are here to with a professional team that believe in the community and we have everything ready to start.

We are proud to see Dash adoption get so much press in media that validates our work:




Understanding the Venezuelan opportunity, means that for the immediate future we have much work to do; the Venezuelan market is volatile and constantly changing. Today, with the level of awareness and reach the Dash network has achieved in Venezuela, increasing transactions will now become the focus of the Dash merchant teams in Venezuela and we will focus on getting Dash into people hands without giving money away with a very well planned strategy through our Dash Points.

We believe in the amazing solutions Dash is providing in Venezuela, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this adoption curve. That is the reason we continue working with Dash, nonstop and that is the promise we give to the Dash network: We will continue delivering value and growth for Dash as this is one of the places in the world where the need for Dash is bigger, and we will not stop working

Thank you for your support.

Dash Connects Venezuela

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